June 10, 2009

So i had this blog set up for me a long time ago, back when Corey Neufeld (now co-owner of 'The Better Good' on Broadway with his wife Laura) was baking bread with me in the early mornings, and havent yet spent a speck of time updating, creating, playing or communicating on it.

It is all quite new to me, and computers are something I havent found much time for lately. I think there was about a two year period during high school where I used email quite a lot; but by now, my own family doesnt expect much from me in the virtual world.

This is my introduction (although brief) and first attempt to get some reaction from the public on the interweb about my bakery, and an opportunity for me to tell more people about my history, philosophy, and direction.

If you start to follow this blog, feel free to ask questions of me, make suggestions, and most definitly give me feed back.

Yet to come will be photos, starting up stories, product lists, daily bread menu and much more.


1 comment:

  1. Trent,
    I noticed your new business a while ago and was going to follow your blogs to see how it goes. But the blogging didn't continue so I thought I'd let you know that at least one person is paying attention out here!!
    I toyed with the idea of starting a similar business a few years ago, but decided making money and baking bread don't work together, unless you charge astronomical prices! One definitely needs more than "scratch" bread to bring in the "dough". I see you are also a delicatessen, which is an interesting pairing that might work. I am waiting for your photos, product lists, bread menus and more.
    Best of luck!