December 7, 2010

Christmas Season

Well, it has quickly become December...I know because the calendar reads so, and my little fire truck has broken down once again. Maybe a new supercharged engine will do it a bit better. Maybe.
My little shop shows the change in season, as the fresh bread is coming out of the oven and exhause their steam, the windows fog, and if its cold enough, they start to freeze. If its any consolation, it is nice and warm in here.
I thought I would say a word about fruit cake. Although it isnt my favourite treat, I do like mine. Its made with 100% organic, unsulphured fruits...and of course organic butter, sugar and flour. I made my own candied fruit, which lends a nice citrus finish to the palate. I have 2 pound boxes for $12.50 and 1 pound boxes for $8,50 and should be available until Christmas.
We are also taking a small Christmas break. We will be open December 24 until 4:00, then closed until January 4th, so feel free to reserve stuff until that point.
Thanks all,

September 7, 2010

Hello all...
This post is certainly self serving, as it is a call for resumes. School is back, I understand, and we're getting back (sooner than we might like) into winter business. Also, this means that I feel short staffed. So, I'm accepting resumes for a bakery assistant interested in working lunch time to close, Tuesday to Friday. The individual chosen will be required to prepare food items, interact with customers, clean and close. If you are reading this, and are interested, or think of someone who has kitchen skills, and is outgoing, feel free to bring a resume, and talk to me (Trent) at 220-1820 8th Street East (between Manos and Dad's Nutrition Center) before 3pm, or phone 306.955.2184 to make arrangements for a sit down.
Thanks all,

August 11, 2010

we're back...again

The bakery took a short break last week to refresh and enjoy some of the seasonal bounty. I took this opportunity to enjoy my parents remote northern cabin with my lady friend (+folks) for the beginning of the week, and try to organize a 'what's next' campagne with the rest of the days.
The cabin time was great...lots of visiting, not visiting, doing things, and doing nothing! I caught a few fish, a few bug bits and tons of wild blueberries. I couldnt hardly leave the puzzle my dad and I were working on, but I had to get back to town eventually.
The bakery feels new again, improved even. I feel more settled as we approach my second year in business (end September), and I feel like I want to do more things that my customers want me to do, not just what I want to do.
The best change I could immediately think of, was to do fresh, made to order sandwiches. Our sandwiches have been quite popular, but it was always my thought to have them made fresh for you. Not wrapped in plastic, and not sitting in a cooler. So I ditched the cooler, bought some butcher paper and got ready to serve. We're going to have daily sandwich specials, and bring back the panini grill.
With these changes, the small space I have feels somewhat larger, more personal, less industrial...all good.
So I'm taking suggestions or comments on what my 'next, next move' is. Feel free to submit.
BTW, I'm currently collaborating on a proper website. I'll be linking and jazzing up soon.
thanks all,

April 14, 2010

We're BACK!

Last week I chose to close the bakery after a long Easter week of Hot Cross Buns and Brioche making. Now we're back in action.
I spent the better part of the week in Charlavoix Quebec with a deleguation of French speaking Saskatchewan folks touring the region, speaking with growers and producers, trying to grasp their absolute cooperation with each other and grand tourism and marketing scheme. It truly was a wonderful week full of eating, visiting and learning.
Soon I will have pictures printed of my voyage at the bakery, a 'scrapbook' of sorts to better share my adventure graphically.
Thank you for your continued patronage,
Trent Loewen

January 11, 2010

Happy New Year... that's what we say, isn't it? At least it gets the conversation started.
I had a great little break during the 'festive' season, travelling to banff with my family for fun, feasting and frenzy. We took opportunity to ski downhill, crosscountry, snowshoe, plenty of walking, but maybe more eating and drink than all other combined. Definition holiday if you ask me. It was nice to be away, but also nice to be back. There wasnt a day that passed without me thinking of my sourdough cultures, or how many people might come to my door disapointed to find it locked over these days we were closed.
But now we're back! And right back into it. It feels a bit strange to come into a new year, doing all the same things as last, but I'm not sure what you, the customer wants else from me. I have introduced the 'Loyal Loafer' card (a buy 12, get 13th free system) to thank you, my regular customers, we are now making a dark beer wild rice bread come thursdays, and changing our sandwich selection shortly (once cleer creek has their new products ready).
Also thinking about a 'breakfast menu'. This week we will make an organic granola with heritage flakes and hemp seeds, served with yoguort and preserved summer fruits, toast and jam/butter/almond butter, and a breakfast panini worth a go...but what else might you want? Try me.
But it is Monday, I shouldn't take long, we all need these days of rest.
Cheers and thanks,