April 14, 2010

We're BACK!

Last week I chose to close the bakery after a long Easter week of Hot Cross Buns and Brioche making. Now we're back in action.
I spent the better part of the week in Charlavoix Quebec with a deleguation of French speaking Saskatchewan folks touring the region, speaking with growers and producers, trying to grasp their absolute cooperation with each other and grand tourism and marketing scheme. It truly was a wonderful week full of eating, visiting and learning.
Soon I will have pictures printed of my voyage at the bakery, a 'scrapbook' of sorts to better share my adventure graphically.
Thank you for your continued patronage,
Trent Loewen


  1. Hey Trent,

    What are your hours of operation? I'm on bagel/pastry/breakfast/whatchamacallit duty at work this week (every thursday) and I want to bring in something different, delicious and fresh (no more Great Canadian Bagels!). Lemme know!

    - ryan baldwin.

  2. We bought a loaf of Currant/Walnut, another of Power seeds and a 5cereal bread. They are excellent! We are on a visit from Barcelona, (spain). My brother has a bakery which he started last year, and has won quite a reputation. Somebody told him that canadians only eat white soft bread, and you let us kindly take a picture so that we can show Catalans (and spaniards) that Canadians also have excellent bread! And we got to taste it!
    Thank you! Jordi Cortell

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