August 11, 2010

we're back...again

The bakery took a short break last week to refresh and enjoy some of the seasonal bounty. I took this opportunity to enjoy my parents remote northern cabin with my lady friend (+folks) for the beginning of the week, and try to organize a 'what's next' campagne with the rest of the days.
The cabin time was great...lots of visiting, not visiting, doing things, and doing nothing! I caught a few fish, a few bug bits and tons of wild blueberries. I couldnt hardly leave the puzzle my dad and I were working on, but I had to get back to town eventually.
The bakery feels new again, improved even. I feel more settled as we approach my second year in business (end September), and I feel like I want to do more things that my customers want me to do, not just what I want to do.
The best change I could immediately think of, was to do fresh, made to order sandwiches. Our sandwiches have been quite popular, but it was always my thought to have them made fresh for you. Not wrapped in plastic, and not sitting in a cooler. So I ditched the cooler, bought some butcher paper and got ready to serve. We're going to have daily sandwich specials, and bring back the panini grill.
With these changes, the small space I have feels somewhat larger, more personal, less industrial...all good.
So I'm taking suggestions or comments on what my 'next, next move' is. Feel free to submit.
BTW, I'm currently collaborating on a proper website. I'll be linking and jazzing up soon.
thanks all,

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  1. Glad you had a good holiday - and glad to have you back! Fresh sandwiches sounds great.