January 11, 2010

Happy New Year... that's what we say, isn't it? At least it gets the conversation started.
I had a great little break during the 'festive' season, travelling to banff with my family for fun, feasting and frenzy. We took opportunity to ski downhill, crosscountry, snowshoe, plenty of walking, but maybe more eating and drink than all other combined. Definition holiday if you ask me. It was nice to be away, but also nice to be back. There wasnt a day that passed without me thinking of my sourdough cultures, or how many people might come to my door disapointed to find it locked over these days we were closed.
But now we're back! And right back into it. It feels a bit strange to come into a new year, doing all the same things as last, but I'm not sure what you, the customer wants else from me. I have introduced the 'Loyal Loafer' card (a buy 12, get 13th free system) to thank you, my regular customers, we are now making a dark beer wild rice bread come thursdays, and changing our sandwich selection shortly (once cleer creek has their new products ready).
Also thinking about a 'breakfast menu'. This week we will make an organic granola with heritage flakes and hemp seeds, served with yoguort and preserved summer fruits, toast and jam/butter/almond butter, and a breakfast panini worth a go...but what else might you want? Try me.
But it is Monday, I shouldn't take long, we all need these days of rest.
Cheers and thanks,

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  1. Hi Trent,
    I'm a student (from Regina, Saskatchewan!) at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in the Baking and Pastry program, with a focus on artisan-style breads. My dad and yours are colleagues and I was given your info to check out Earth Bound! I'm really interested in what you're up to there and wondering if i could contact you via email to chat about bread... (:
    My email: kphaneuf@hotmail.com
    Thanks and take care,