September 18, 2009

One Year Anniversary Tommorow!

Hello cyber-people...
Tommorow is my un-official year one celebration at the bakery, and man, does it seem like it went fast. To cliche, it feels like only yesterday I was frustrated with mudding, taping and painting. Well, at this point it seems some of those jobs are due for a touch up already.
I'm feel a silly thrill. I will be attempting the most baguette I have every formed in one day, going for three hundred. For a shop as small as mine, it might be quite overwhelming to see that many baguette, but I'm excited to hand them out for people to take home and enjoy. I just hope I'm not left with that many at the end of the day...
I have much to be thankful for, primarily the support of my customers who visit me weekly, and allow me and encourgae me to continue in this trade. I do love it, but without you, the buyer, there can be no bread. So thank you, and if you do find yourself with the time to do so, please stop by the bakery tommorow so as I can say thank you.
I must sleep now.
Good afternoonight.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Anniversary, Trent :)A year already...Wow.

    Just finished two slices of hemp heart toasted, buttered, and served up with tea...delicious!!!

    I heard great things this morning about the birthday "gifts" on Saturday and the yam bread. Happy good day!! Sheryl