August 27, 2009

Find time to Post

Some folks I know are quite surprised when I mention that I have a blog, but are less surprised to hear me say, that it is 'somewhat infrequently' posted upon. That being said, I have today found time to post a post.
These last couple of weeks have been very exciting, as it seams farmers fields are blushing with fresh produce. My brother Paul has had much success with his variety of summer patty pan squashes, green and yellow beans, baby eggplant, beets and carrots. I am proud to use these 'fresh as all heck' vegetables in every capacity I can think of (however, the thought of green bean and beet bread has not been physically manifested, it is ridiculously tempting); but I do have many options with soups, salads and savoury pastries. As the season suggests,I will be forfeiting asparagus goats cheese croissant for roasted patty pan squash with fresh pinenut arugala pesto croissant, a mouthful indeed. Today we are assembling a garden bean salad with a sort of gremoulada vinaigrette (olive oil, preserved lemon, parsley, garlic), and have great intentions of offerering new and exciting 'garden harvest' salads everyday. With such a bounty, who could resist!
As always, I kid you not, the bread baking world is very exciting to me. I have finally posted the weekly bread menu on this page at the bottom, and it will stay there for your reference (sorry, still no walnut currant on Thursday). I have been experimenting with some new breads, forming them into small consumable loaves, and hoping for some feedback as to whether or not I should include them in the regular rotation. New offerings include roasted jewel yam, parmesan reggiano sourdough, toasted quinoa and flax, and hazelnut sultana raisin. I dont know, do people make comments on blog pages? I should would like to hear from you.
Anyway, this is all for now, thank you again for your continued support.

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