December 7, 2010

Christmas Season

Well, it has quickly become December...I know because the calendar reads so, and my little fire truck has broken down once again. Maybe a new supercharged engine will do it a bit better. Maybe.
My little shop shows the change in season, as the fresh bread is coming out of the oven and exhause their steam, the windows fog, and if its cold enough, they start to freeze. If its any consolation, it is nice and warm in here.
I thought I would say a word about fruit cake. Although it isnt my favourite treat, I do like mine. Its made with 100% organic, unsulphured fruits...and of course organic butter, sugar and flour. I made my own candied fruit, which lends a nice citrus finish to the palate. I have 2 pound boxes for $12.50 and 1 pound boxes for $8,50 and should be available until Christmas.
We are also taking a small Christmas break. We will be open December 24 until 4:00, then closed until January 4th, so feel free to reserve stuff until that point.
Thanks all,

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  1. I was preparing for the Christmas season. Bought a lot of goodies for the holidays at the Bakery Felix