August 24, 2011


Hello everyone and anyone that has been anxiously awaiting my next blog thing... I'll admit I have nobody to blame but myself for neglecting this social media stuff, but perhaps I can offer comfort that my efforts have been reserved for preparing and assuring high quality, fresh foodstuffs.
It has been a fun summer so far... saying this I have accepted we are nearing the last leg of it. It is getting dark earlier in the evening, which makes going to be at a the time that I do (somewhat) easier. Getting up for the morning bake has never been an issue, I'm always excited to get in and get at it. We had taken a week of summer to ourselves and closed the bakery the first week of this month, which I enjoyed at my parents remote northern cabin on Mackay Lake (just 10 minutes south of Missinippe). I had the most exciting fishing day, hooking 12 pike in less than an hour (kept 3), and picked and ate myself silly on wild blueberries.
When I stepped back into the bakery after a week off, I found 30 phone messages waiting! I must appologize, I had voiced a new message, but obviously failed to lock it in, and those that phoned in bread orders would have assumed we were 'business as usual', and came to the door in disapointment. So, I'm sorry for that. Adding insult to injury, my phone line was down the first two days back, and had no access to debit, credit, internet or phone. But from this we recovered, and on we go.
This week I'm trying something new....SAVOURY CUTTINGS. I'm calling a rustic triangular bread bun a cutting, and using different ingredients to flavour them. Today, I made 'sundried tomato basil' cuttings and tomorrow I'll have 'roasted onion and basil'. The dough is 15% Whole Grain Red Fife, and is quite soft with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They sell for .35 each, or $2 for 6. If they are popular enough, I will continue making them, and challenging your palate with many more flavours.
Better get back to work now, but thanks for checking in.
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  1. Sounds great, ill make an effort to drop in and give them a try

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